Trademark Policy

Trademarks serve as valuable assets for MAS LAW (“MAS LAW”), symbolizing our reputation which has been established over the years. We are committed to diligently protecting our trademarks to prevent any infringements.

The unauthorized utilization of our trademarks in any form is strictly forbidden without obtaining our written consent. Additionally, we do not authorize the use of trademarks in a way that could potentially lead to confusion by implying an association with our organization. All usage of our trademarks must be authorized and associated with a formal business relationship.

MAS LAW Trademarks

Our trademarks include:

  • Our name: MAS LAW
  • Our logo

All our trademarks are legally protected.

Guidelines for Using MAS LAW Trademarks

If you have been granted permission to use MAS LAW Trademarks, it is essential to adhere to the guidelines provided by MAS LAW. Ensure that your use of MAS LAW Trademarks complies with the following:

  • Do not shorten, abbreviate, or create acronyms from MAS LAW Trademarks.
  • Use the correct format and spelling of the trademark.
  • Do not alter, distort, modify, or abbreviate any element of MAS LAW Trademarks, including through hyphenation, combination, or abbreviation.
  • Do not associate MAS LAW Trademarks with any other trademark or trade name without explicit approval from MAS LAW.
  • Do not imply any affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification, or approval by MAS LAW of your product, service, or company without specific authorization.
  • Avoid displaying MAS LAW Trademarks in a misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libelous, disparaging, obscene, or otherwise objectionable manner.
  • Refrain from adopting marks, names, logos, or slogans that closely resemble MAS LAW Trademarks.
  • Do not register or use any trade name, domain name, or social media account name that incorporates MAS LAW Trademarks.
  • Do not seek registration for any mark or name that is confusingly similar to MAS LAW Trademarks.

We appreciate your cooperation in upholding the integrity and protection of MAS LAW Trademarks. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact us.