About Us

MAS Law is a full-service regional law firm with offices in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering specialised legal services on contentious, advisory and regulatory matters. MAS Law offers regional and multinational clients knowledge and expertise in cross-border inbound and outbound commercial transactions and disputes.

Our high-calibre legal counsels and lawyers, who are qualified in multiple jurisdictions (including UAE, Saudi Arabia and other civil and common law jurisdictions), provide our clients with unrivalled . Their collective expertise, gained from a long history of serving distinguished clients, spans across a broad range of practice areas including dispute resolution, corporate commercial, banking and finance, bankruptcy and insolvency, construction and real estate, capital markets, private wealth, and intellectual property.

What sets us apart from competitors is our understanding of the local culture and the business environment of the region, having a team of bilingual Arabic and English lawyers in all focused practice areas, and our exceptional ability to represent local and international clients before regional judicial and enforcement and government entities, and our deep knowledge of international best practices.

  • an inclusive and highly trained team with a proven track record of combined expertise, education and training as a core focus in the UAE market,
  • a breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise in various legal specialities, and
  • a collaborative team spirit driving strategic collaborations among our lawyers and business partners, and delivering exceptional client outcomes

MAS Law partners have prior experience working for leading international law firms and bring a fresh perspective on client services in the UAE legal market. Our purpose is to nurture long-term relationships with our clients as they confront the most significant challenges and opportunities of our time, while remaining true to our core values.

Competitive Advantage and Core Values

Our lawyers and legal counsels have consistently represented both local and international clients, establishing precedents in the courts of UAE. We are proud to serve as a regional law firm of trust for a multitude of international organizations. This stems from our key qualities that include:

  • responsiveness
  • accuracy
  • attention to detail
  • client-centric ethos
  • round-the-clock availability

At MAS Law, our practice is guided by the following core values:

  • commitment to multi-disciplinary approach to client service
  • focus on cross-functional disciplines, collaborative teams, and diversity specialities in the legal practice
  • pragmatic orientation
  • emphasis on contextualising logical reasoning with superior problem-solving skills
  • persistence to excellence
  • dedication to achieving results for clients
  • forward-thinking mindset
  • proactive approaches for providing clients with favourable outcomes that addresses today’s and tomorrow’s challenges
  • commitment to fairness, equality and excellence in our work
  • insightful in adopting holistic approaches for achieving client success
  • responsiveness
  • accuracy
  • attention to detail
  • client centric
  • 24/7 access to team members

At MAS Law, our core values in our practice include our commitment to:

  • multi disciplinary
  • focus on cross functional disciplines, collaborative teams, and diversity specialities in the legal practice.
  • pragmatic
  • persistence
  • commitment to achieve results for our clients.
  • futuristic
  • forward-thinking approaches in delivering results to clients in a timely fashion that addresses today and tomorrow’s challenges.
  • dedication: to fairness, equality and excellence in the work we do.
  • insightful: to focus on holistic approaches in delivering results to clients.

Message from Mohamed Alserkal

MAS Law aspires to rank among the top law firms in the region by implementing international standards, emphasising efficiency, effectiveness, integrity, and responsiveness, while maintaining a healthy and positive work environment. We continue to place a premium on our human capital and providing outstanding services to our clients.